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Detailed a huge chicken!

Posted October 27th, 2014 by Anthony with No Comments

Ok, so this is probably not the most common thing to ever get detailed, but it owned by some really good clients of mine and I couldn’t resist. The jokes polishing this huge…uhm… chicken has created have been more than worth it.They just had it repainted and clear coated, so I figured the detailing process would be very much like any other vehicle, so I went to work washing and claying it.

That went pretty well. It had a lot of bird droppings on it, but nothing like the kind of crap on a car. Even the over spray wasn’t an issue on most of it. They must have sanded and polished it after painting it at one point.

White never shows the damage until you look up close, but this one had some doozies. There were strap marks from where they had tied it down at various times as well as some duct tape residue on the top from where they taped something. They like to decorate this and put it in their front yard for holidays. Right now it is rocking an anatomical skeleton who is riding it like he is the 5th horse…er…chickenman of the apocalypse. So there were marks from stuff like that which had to be cleared off.

I went with Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound because I’ve found it to be a very capable polish for light duty stuff like this. I had a couple others with me (XMT 3 and 4 just in case) but I figured the Meguiar’s polish could handle most of it.

Then I went crazy and sealed it with Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant and went a little artsy by putting another layer of Souveran paste wax on the red areas and some on the edges of the feathers and wings. I’ve found that a little wax on body lines helps them pop more and I wanted to make sure this stood out.  So here she be… My first chicken detail.


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