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Good Boys…

Posted May 29th, 2012 by Anthony with 2 Comments

Ah… It makes a Dad’s heart swell when he sees his boys following in his footsteps in ways that are good.  I decided to do some cleaning on Memorial Day, so I pulled the bike out and the cars and gave everything a nice wash and fresh coat of wax.  The boys decided it was time to do the same thing to their bikes as well.  Parker is such a little mini-me that it is almost scary.  He pulled his bike next to mine and proceeded to wash it with a spray bottle and towel.  Then big brother Erik came over with this bag of tools and helped him put a coat of wax on it. They are doing a great job keeping their bikes looking good.  I only wish they cared for the rest of their toys this well…


Well done, boys!  Now just remember to keep the shiny side up!

2 Responses to “Good Boys…”

  1. san huynh June 2, 2012

    NICE…. hope no kid lean on his bike… haha. Hey I was wondering how you ever try using duragloss products for white cars?


    • Anthony June 3, 2012

      I’ve used a lot of products in my day, but duragloss is one I haven’t tried yet. There are probably ten times as many products out there as those I’ve actually used. It’s just not possible to keep up with all of them and form an opinion on each one. From what I have read on forums I’d have to say there is a very favorable opinion of it out there. I’ve seen it on white and it looks great. Most things look great on white though, so it is really hard to say if it looks any better than anything else. White doesn’t photograph well, so all of the pictures of white cars tend to look pretty much the same. I’m sure you would really like the results though.


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