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July Canyon Run

Posted September 5th, 2013 by Anthony with No Comments

My good friend Eric came back to Salt Lake for a visit this summer to escape the heat of Phoenix.  We haven’t taken a ride for awhile, so it was something on his list to get done.  Unfortunately my bike is down for the season.  Something with a valve.  Grrrr….  Fixable, but still a pain.  Fortunately I happen to know where there is a nice little 1986 Porsche to drive.  😉  This is the kind of ride that car was made for, so it made perfect sense to take it out for a good time.

Eric was able to rent an Ultra Glide from a bike place.  He actually rented a Sportster, but something was wrong with it so they upgraded him for free.  Not a bad deal!

We went down through Alpine and into the canyon.  From there we looped up and around into Park City and stopped for lunch.  Then we went through a back road through Jeremy Ranch into Salt Lake.  Somehow we came out by the zoo.  Eric is more familiar with these roads than I am, so it was him doing the navigating.

The Porsche is a lot of fun on drives like this.  It is not a luxury driver by any means.  No power steering. No power brakes.  No Air Conditioning.  It is as much of a driving experience as being on a motorcycle is in many respects.  We both had a great time and will definitely be doing this again!

I can’t tell you what is on the bike, but my guess is nothing.  The car, on the other hand, is highly polished and well sealed with Wolfgang and waxed with Pinnacle Souveran.  The last time I polished it I must have spent about 6 hours removing every tiny mark that I could remove.  Other than some strange degreaser type staining on the aluminum wheels, the car looks awesome awesome awesome.  It is by far the sexiest and most beautiful car I’ve ever driven in my life.

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