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Polishing Aluminum

Posted June 21st, 2011 by Anthony with No Comments

I had an opportunity to really bust out and try a system I’ve had collecting dust for quite some time. The Wolfgang Metalwerk Aluminum polishes. I don’t deal with a lot of uncoated aluminum, so I don’t get a chance to really break this out very often. The last opportunity I had was with a Supra engine back in 2006 I believe.

I loved that engine… Anyway, I was faced with a new challenge recently. A 1955 Chevy with what I believe looks like a Chevy 350 small block in it. I could be wrong, but that’s my guess. There were actually some pains taken to clean this engine bay up a lot by relocating the battery to the trunk and a couple other things hidden behind the cowl and firewall. The problem was the aluminum was all very very flat and dull. So I grabbed my Metalwerk Aluminum Bundle and went to work. I was absolutely blown away by the results. I really wish I would have taken before pictures, but I honestly didn’t think things were that bad looking until I was done with it.

For example, here are the wheels before:

And after:

That is an example of the power of this product. Hard core oxidation and waterspot etching is not easy to clear up. This took some time, but the results were very easy to obtain. I sealed it up with the Wolfgang metal sealant for some durability of the shine and future resistance to damage.

Here is the result on the engine. That radiator was like a mirror when I was done. It was grey and not even reflective at all to begin with.

It all turned out really well. If you have any uncoated aluminum you want to shine up, then this setup is definitely great. Regardless of your metal polishing needs, I’m pretty sure one of these polishes will work. At the very least, the metal sealant will help protect the chrome and other materials you want to keep looking shiny. I use it on the chrome on my bike.

I tell ya… I wouldn’t last 5 seconds as a fish. The first time I saw something shiny I’d be f’ed. lol

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