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Three SUVs in 12 Hours

Posted July 2nd, 2012 by Anthony with 2 Comments

Say what you want about detailing, but it is not easy work. You use different muscles when you are doing this kind of thing. Just clay a car for an hour and tell me you aren’t sore in places that you don’t typically feel. Or wax an H2 by hand if claying doesn’t wear you out and see how you feel. Better yet, line up a Range Rover, a Denali, and a new Durango on a hundred degree day and bust them all out in 12 hours and see how you feel the next day (if you can complete the job at all). I’ve been doing this for fifteen years now and that right there is definitely my Everest. I’ve been to the top of Everest a few times now, but I’ve never faced anything more physically challenging in this business. But I was glad for the opportunity to do the work for one of my best clients and I wanted to make sure I did it right for him.

He had just gotten back from a 3000 mile road trip around the west, so there was definitely some work to be done.  Bugs all over the clear bra, dust just about everywhere, wheels were pretty dirty, and the interior had that “3000 mile road trip with a couple kids” look going on.  Aaron is really good to his vehicles though, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.  The challenge was going to be the paint and the interior just needed a light cleaning and the standard material protection.  That was the story on his black Range Rover and his pearl white Denali.

The Ranger rover got polished with XMT2 and then sealed with Wolfgang Paint Sealant. IF they make something better for black then I haven’t found it yet. The interior was also treated with the standard Wolfgang products for leather, vinyl & rubber, and carpets. I even got a chance to use the Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant on a few areas on the outside. I love that stuff…

Sorry for no real progress pictures. I was only packing the cell phone on this trip, so those are the only pictures I got. I was also on sort of a time clock, so I took some afters and no befores.

I’d say she turned out pretty dang nice.  I need to start using this particular camera app for all my pictures I think.  The normal camera didn’t take nearly as nice of pictures.

After the Range rover was cleaned up I moved on to the Denali.  Pearl white is a fun color because you can really make those body lines glow.  I polished it with XMT 360 because it was in fairly decent shape and then used Liquid Souveran over the top.  It looked great when it was all done!

Their neighbor across the street went on this little trip with them in his brand new Durango, so this was the third car on the list for today.  By now it was 100 degrees outside and about 3:00 in the afternoon.  I estimated 12 hours on this job and I started at 7:00 on the dot, so I still had a good 4 hours to get this Durango done to stay on my estimate.  I was still feeling good (drank about 200 ounces of water so far) so onward!

This was a fun truck.  I can imagine how good it would look in something like a metallic blue or some other dark color. It has great body lines that would be really easy to make pop.  Since it was brand new and white, it was also fairly good on the exterior, so it got the same XMT 360 and Liquid Souveran that the Denali got.  The inside was  a little less clean, so that took a bit of time.  I told my wife I spent the day at the beach, because literally I think half the beach was in that Durango.  lol  But in the end everything came out great and the client was pleased.

This truck has a great looking grille.  The best part of this whole vehicle is the absence of any Dodge logo anywhere on the exterior that I could see.  Maybe on the center caps, but I don’t remember.  I like this look so much better.

So 12 hours and three fairly large vehicles…  I feel pretty good about that.  It’s not like these were easy trucks to do either.  There was a lot of real estate to clay and polish.  I did the wheels, engines, and interiors as well as the full clay, polish, and seal on all of the exteriors, so nobody can tell me that I cut corners in order to save time.  I estimated each truck would take between 3 and 4 hours sight unseen and I was spot on.  Even with a little chatting with the client and a short break for lunch I was still able to keep it going and knock them on on time.  I rolled out of there at about 7:15 after packing up all my stuff and giving the bugs mashed into the clear bra on that Range Rover one last shot.  Not too shabby.

2 Responses to “Three SUVs in 12 Hours”

  1. Chris Reynolds September 10, 2012

    Hey! My comment is well just because. I bought an Integra for my first car when I was 16, I took excellent care of that car with the highest quality products I could afford.. I’m now 22 years old and my teg has been long gone. I recently just went on Team-Integra to look at some peoples cars and just relive the past. I saw your posts about detailing and loved your write ups and how you helped people maintain their own vehicles with your website/blog… I started up my own detailing business about 5 months ago and it’s growing and I love every car that comes in my driveway. I would just like to say your work is excellent and it inspired me!


    • Anthony September 10, 2012

      I’m glad to hear you enjoy this kind of thing as much as I do, Chris! I wouldn’t know anything if people hadn’t shared their knowledge with me, so I just do my best to share what I’ve learned with others. I know I’m not the last word in detailing or anything like that, but I’d like to think I get people on the right track. 🙂 Good luck with your detailing business!


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